Yes, learning about the family history of the honey producer does make honey taste better, and yes, the three extra ones you bought will find a home even if you have to get it as a gift for your three next dinner parties.

Yes, getting that prehistoric looking vegetable and believing that you will get the motivation and imagination to actually cook it, does bring you closer to Mother Nature.

So put on your favorite Midi skirt (yes, like you were about to lay in the grass eating the strawberries you just picked in the tree right next to you, because you do have a strong bound for the country in your city girl heart), grab your favorite tote (embroidered tulle, doesn’t carry much but looks good with the skirt) and go buy those yellow eggplants and try seventeen different cheeses.

What do you feel like wearing?

Ryvdoll thinks in terms of silhouettes. And silhouette means mood. Ryvdoll wants to feel light as a feather, floating around the stands of the markets like a dancer. A light almost silk-like midi skirt will make you feel like flying, its bright purple is dense and curiously easy to wear and pair. With some ballet flats, you’ll feel like a princess, this silver color will bring the slight eccentricity that makes you feel special, feeling extra romantic, picturing yourself picking the perfect flower bouquet for your Sunday lunch in the garden.

The skirt lands perfectly on the hips so it would be a shame to cover it or the mood in neither « tuck-in » shirt or crop top. This silky sleeveless shirt has the perfect length and won’t break the silhouette you have in mind. But you don’t want to feel uptight, the tartan jacket is great for a touch of boyish but extra preppy with the rosy print.

Mixing the large print of the shirt with the almost plain print of the tartan shouldn’t work but curiously does, maybe because straight-lined prints don’t really feel like prints. This tote is delicate and Ryvdoll loves a transparent bag, it turns any look more stylish and put together.

The baseball cap is optional but can create harmony by matching the jacket. Throw on some cat-eye sunglasses for the romance and if it the sun’s hiding, wearing them as a headband is advised.