Ryvdoll at Bon Marché!

Ryvdoll is moving to Le Bon Marché for the start of the 2023 school year!

It is with immense pride that Ryvdoll will hold a Pop Up from August 26, at the Children's space at Bon Marché, on the 3rd floor of the iconic department store on rue de Sèvres (7th arrondissement).

A true little (and big) girl's dream... Le Bon Marché has always been a sacred place for me, a true temple of exquisite and refined taste in all its forms. I cannot describe this opportunity other than through the terms of “ultimate consecration”.

A huge thank you to the wonderful team at Le Bon Marché, always listening to me, innovative, voluntary, caring and stimulating.

When I think back to this first interview at the end of February after my application for the speed meetings was selected. I never imagined that it would take shape, and in such a beautiful way.

As part of this Pop Up, we collaborated on a special edition of the Ryvdoll Fahsion Pack, the Fall Pack 2023, highlighting Spanish brands, in connection with the Olé Olé back-to-school exhibition. Come and discover the Fall Pack at Le Bon Marché!

Ryvdoll on the 3rd floor of Bon Marché Rive Gauche

24, Rue de Sèvres - 7th arrondissement

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