The Ryvdoll Workshops!

The Ryvdoll workshop, the tailor-made at-home activity for fashionistas! Ryvdoll, the 2 D doll with an ultra-edgy magnetic wardrobe, now offers workshops that can be privatized at home. Looking for an activity for a birthday or a somewhat empty day? Ryvdoll will put stars in the eyes of your children and their friends.

Pack 1 Ryvdoll Drawing Pack Price €4.00 per child for two hours.

Minimum of 4 children

Each child receives a Ryvdoll Drawing Pack which will serve as support for the workshop. This will take place as follows: each child will compose a little magnetic outfit for Ryvdoll then attempt to draw it on their Ryvdoll Drawing Pack, under the watchful eye of Ryvka, the brand's creator.

Please note: the Ryvdoll doll and her wardrobe are not included in this price, the workshop will provide this material for the duration of the activity.

Pack 2


The Ryvdoll Fashion and Travel Box

€69 per child (Box price) Minimum of 4 children

Each child receives a Ryvdoll Fashion and Travel Box, the most complete Pack in the Ryvdoll range. This contains the entire Ryvdoll universe and its ultra-practical compact format makes it a perfect travel companion to carry everywhere. The workshop then takes place as follows: everyone composes a look for Ryvdoll then attempts to draw it on their pack under the watchful eye of Ryvka, the creator of Ryvdoll.

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