What is the Ryvdoll Fashion Pack ? 

This is a guide to the season's fashion trends, a sort of 2.0 catalog in which each trend is embodied by a piece chosen from the collections of our collaborating brands! These pieces are in the Ryvdoll version, that is to say they are magnetic clothes and accessories that dress Ryvdoll, a two-dimensional doll! 

The Ryvdoll doll is not included in the Fashion Pack

Several options are available for purchase:

  • The Ryvdoll doll, individually (15€). Choose from 6 designs.
  • The Spring Pack + Ryvdoll Doll bundle (€39)
  • The Ryvdoll Starter Pack (€59) with all the wonders that it includes (magnetic cabinet, binder, photos of Paris, notebook, calendar, stickers, key ring, pouch, etc.)
  • Your own Ryvdoll personalized with your image (€39)